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The digestive stoma is a temporary or permanent surgical abortion of a segment of the digestive tract to the anterior abdominal wall. Click here if you are looking for a nose job in Las Vegas, also called a rhinoplasty.

The realization of an ostomy results in:
 The loss of voluntary control of excreta or urine exemption
 The alteration of the body image

2. Colostomy
2.1 Definition

Colostomy is the surgical abortion of the colon to the abdominal wall allowing the evacuation of the stool.
2.2 Quality of stools according to the location of the colostomy

 The quality of the stool evacuated by the stoma depends on the seat of the stoma:
 Left transverse colostomy: molded saddles, normal
 Straight transverse colostomy: semi-liquid or even pasty stools

2.3 Indications

 Temporary Colostomy:
 Protection of anastomosis
 Resting part of the intestine
 Infectious digestive diseases (peritonitis due to colon perforation, ...)
 Inflammatory bowel and rectum diseases

 Definitive colostomy:
 Malignant diseases: tumors

3. Objectives

 Ensuring personal hygiene
 Guarantee the good behavior of the systems applied on the skin
 Monitor the mucocutaneous condition of the ostomy contour
 Monitor transit
 Ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the patient
 Helping the patient to work on self-image
 Stimulating physical abilities
 Establish a dialogue to evaluate the psychic state

4. Materials needed

 Appropriate equipment:
 In 1 piece: non sterile, transparent and equipped with a filter and anti-smoking prevention system
 In 2 rooms:
 Pedestal with safety locking system click audible
 Non-sterile, transparent, filtered, non-sterile drainage bag
 Clamp closing for empty pocket, if not integrated in the pocket
 Protective paste and / or sealing rings
 Pattern of cutting of the protective support

 Disposable gloves, non-sterile
 Network water (non-sterile)
 0.9% isotonic saline saline (physiological saline - 0.9% sodium chloride (0.9% NaCl))
 Sweet soap
 Non-woven non-woven fabrics
 Soft toilet paper
 Protection for the bed

 Waste disposal bags:
 Garbage disposal bag assimilated to household refuse (DAOM)

 Required for hand hygiene:
 Simple hand washing / Hygienic friction hand treatment
 Detergent-disinfectant solution and rag

5. Procedure
5.1 Patient Preparation

 Inform the patient about the modalities of care

 Comfortably install patient in supine position

5.2 Preparation of equipment

 Clean and disinfect the worktop

 Performing hand hygiene: Simple hand washing / Hygienic hand treatment by friction

 Group and dispose of all necessary equipment

 Fill the cuvette with lukewarm water at the appropriate temperature for the patient: check the water temperature using the elbow

 Preserving patient privacy based on visibility:
 Close windows
 Lower the flaps
 Install a screen if necessary